Yancey county Cultural Resource Commission

History of CRC

In January of 2001, Yancey County, a Tier One County, received a grant from the North Carolina Department of Commerce (NCDOC) and Appalachian Regional Commission to establish a Land Use Planning Commission whose purpose was to develop a comprehensive plan for the growth of Yancey County in the 21st Century.

The Commission organized six committees drawn from the community. These six committees were:

  • Burnsville Downtown Revitalization
  • Social Infrastructure
  • Physical Infrastructure
  • Business and Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Culture, History, Arts, Travel and Tourism (CHATT)

These committees, working with an Advisory Committee from NCDOC, identified their own issues with goals and objectives to address these issues. The CHATT committee eventually requested of the Yancey County Commissioners that a Cultural Resource Commission be established whose purpose was to implement the goals and objectives of CHATT. This was approved in December of 2001.

The goals and objectives were:

  • To preserve open space and scenic beauty
  • To preserve historically significant structures and sites
  • To encourage production of traditional arts and crafts
  • To provide forums to display and market our culture
  • To encourage appropriate local entrepreneurs to deliver cultural experiences to tourists
  • To preserve the rural and agricultural nature of Yancey County.

Our goal is to preserve our culture, and thus preserve our quality of life. Our objectives make our culture, environment, history, and institutions that created it, accessible to tourists without destroying the very thing our guests came to experience. In addition, our objective is to create a tourism industry that is itself a consistent expression of the very culture it seeks to promote.

The CRC itself is a 501c6 non-profit umbrella entity whose board includes the directors of non-profits, the county and town governments, and members of the community-at-large.

The vision is broad and long term and includes more objectives than it is feasible to list in this short history. Check out our projects page for some of the accomplishments of this organization to date.