Yancey county Cultural Resource Commission

Executive Board (Officers)Elected from Advisory Board

  • Chairman - Dean Gates
  • Vice Chair - Dr. Daniel Barron
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer - Jake Blood, Executive Director EDC

  • Executive Director
    - Jeanne Ray Styles - Manager, Mountain Heritage Center

CRC Members

Member Organization Representative
Yancey County Government Nathan Bennett-County Manager
Town of Burnsville Ruth Banks- City Council Member
Yancey County PEDC Jake Blood-Executive Director
Chamber of Commerce Peggy Rogers-Executive Director
Mayland Community College Rita Earley-Yancey Campus Dean
Traditional Voices Group Larry Howell-President
Parkway Playhouse Andrew Gall-Executive Director
Yancey County Public Library Dr. Daniel Barron – AMY Director
Toe River Arts Council Denise Cook-President
Yancey History Association &
The Burnsville Little Theatre
Bob Wilson-President
NC Cooperative Extension Denise Baker-Yancey County Agent
Healthy Yancey Linda Kinnane-Director
Centro de Enlace Executive Director
At Large/Business Dean Gates
At Large/Retired Bill Baker- Retired Event Planner/Mayland
At Large/Business Norman Rabek
At Large/Arts John Doyle-Retired Artist
At Large/Retired Andy Faller-Retired Executive
At Large/Arts Rob Levin-Artist
At Large/Youth  
Faith Community  
African American Community Cathy Henson

Emeritus Board Non Voting Members
Joy Booth Past President, Burnsville Chamber of Commerce
Tonda Gosnell Yancey County Health District
Martin Webster Local Resident at Large