Yancey county Cultural Resource Commission


The CRC has been in existence since 2001. Our objectives are broad in scope and long term. There is much work to do, but much has been accomplished.

Our Current and On-going Projects:

  • We are preserving open space and scenic beauty by obtaining scenic highway designations for Highway 197 N and S and Highway 80.

  • We are promoting and developing hiking, walking and biking trails and paths in the town of Burnsville and on the 19E corridor.

  • We have authorized the Historic Preservation Commission to identify, prioritize, and seek funding for the preservation of historic structures and the development of historic sites and districts. We are in the process of preserving the downtown library (the old Northwest Bank Building) to be utilized for county offices and the promotion of arts and culture of our region.

  • We have developed the Yancey Collegiate Institute site as a National Historic District.

  • We support the development of the new Library and Art Museum facilities as the centerpiece of the YCI Historic District and Cultural Arts Center.

  • We identify needs and opportunities for tourism and coordinate marketing efforts to reach tourists.

  • We have encouraged a continuation and expansion of a Farmers Market every weekend at our Town Square.

  • We have converted the old Brown Dorm into an arts, crafts, and music center with a showcase to support and promote the arts and crafts industry.

If you would like to be involved in our endeavors, your participation is more than welcome. There is plenty to do for each and everyone with the passion and drive to preserve and enhance our way of life.